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45 Minutos (2022)

Adam, a survivor of a suicide attempt, is sent by his mother to be treated by Elisa, a young psychiatrist. The two form a close relationship that evolves when Elisa kisses Adam. Adam thinks about getting engaged to Elisa, but this unexpected behavior forces Elisa to tell him the truth: Adam is part of an experimental treatment that, based on hypnosis, makes him confuse reality. What is true and what is not?

dir. Mariano Azabache, 18 min.


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Sat. 5/21 - Shorts

Backyard Blackbird (2022)

After an incident at school, a father notices disturbing changes in his young son's behavior that could be indicative of an emerging personality disorder.

dir. Andrew Huggins, 15 min.

United States (NC)


Sat. 5/21 - Shorts


Bad Child (2022)

An experimental short about living with developmental trauma as a result of repeated sexual abuse. The focus of the film is on the minutia of the director's own experience with an emphasis on the importance of parental support.


The overlapping imagery, animation, sound design, and text are meant to overstimulate the viewer, providing insight into what it means to live with trauma.

Director Nicole Emilíana Mendez expected to appear virtually.

dir. Nicole Emilíana Mendez, 13 min.

United States (CA)


Content Warning: Themes of Sexual Violence 

Fri. 5/20 - Shorts


Big Sky (2021)

After the death of his estranged, unstable father, Noel
develops a fixation with the outdoors and memories of his childhood. His sister Dylan, along with her partner Faye, press Noel to communicate what he's thinking, but in doing so kindle Dylan's own feelings of grief and betrayal. In order to reconcile with his sister, Noel discloses his fear of developing the same disorder as their dad.

dir. Nell Sommerville, 12 min.



Fri. 5/20 - Shorts

The Devil and
Daniel Johnston 

This incredible true story chronicles the life of late singer-songwriter Daniel Johnston, with an emphasis on his struggles with bipolar disorder and schizophrenia as he collected a growing cult fanbase.

Accessible to both fans and newcomers alike, The Devil and Daniel Johnston brings forth a very human story of raw creative expression in the face of unimaginable adversity.

Premiered at Sundance Film Festival 2005.

dir. Jeff Feurzeig, 110 min.

United States


Sat. 5/21 - 7:20pm

Director Jeff Feurzeig expected to appear virtually.


Everything I Could (2022)

A father tries to explain his wife's mental illness to his daughter.

dir. Ben Cable, 1 min.

United States (CA)

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Director Ben Cable expected to appear virtually.

Fri. 5/20 - Shorts 6:30pm


Iqaluit (2021)

Do you have to go all the way to Iqaluit to get an abortion?

It's 2001. Mabel is dealing with the pain of separating from a romantic connection (and a pregnancy) to make room for her dreams: A woman's right. All in a single day.

dir. Ted Schneider, 12 min.

United States (NY)


Fri. 5/20 - Shorts

Lenny (2021)

Suffering under cruel conditions of solitary confinement as a P.O.W. in Vietnam, a soldier befriends a tarantula to retain his sanity.

dir. Kristen McNaule, 12 min.

United Kingdom (England)


Content Warning: Strong Violence, Arachnophobia 

Director Kristen McNaule expected to appear virtually.

Fri. 5/20 - Shorts


The Lost Chord (2021)

A man suffering from severe PTSD comes across an abandoned saxophone, he takes it back to his place and realizes that he has a natural talent for it. Just as the new musical instrument helps him cope, the owner of saxophone appears on his doorstep.

dir. Tony Horthman, 12 min.

United Kingdom (England)


Sat. 5/21 - Shorts


Mental Abuse Matters (2022)

This animated short explores emotional abuse in an intimate relationship and the phenomenon of “Gaslighting”, where the abuser dislocates the victim from reality and causes them to question their judgment and sanity.


A victim speaks directly to her ex partner, after she has left the abusive relationship and is slowly regaining her sense of identity. Based on real anonymous victim testimony.

dir. Lucy Baxter, 4 min.

United Kingdom (N. Ireland)


Fri. 5/20 - Shorts


New Normal (2022)

Separated by coronavirus lockdown measures, Violet and Noah cling to their failing relationship. Filmed by two separate crews in Chicago, IL, and Toronto, Canada, New Normal is a raw, intimate portrait of two people desperately grasping for something familiar during a year of unprecedented uncertainty.

dir. Brent Ervin-Eickhoff, 28 min.

United States (IL)

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Director Brent Ervin-Eickhoff expected to appear virtually.

Sat. 5/21 - Shorts


No Filter (2022)

The story of a depressed young woman who bluntly reflects on her life and the world for her social media page, as she goes through what she’s decided will be the last day of her existence.

dir. Matthias Fuchez, 15 min.

United Kingdom (N. Ireland)

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Fri. 5/20 - Shorts


One Summer on

A non-linear collection of moments captured over the course of the summer of 2021 by a filmmaker reflecting on their newfound understanding of life following multiple national lockdowns and a spell of poor mental health.

J Taylor-Jones is a student filmmaker from Sussex. Whilst working as a researcher and runner for a local factual entertainment production company, they developed an interest in documentary filmmaking, the techniques of which they have used to develop their subdued, observational style that they have enjoyed mixing with elements of surrealism and abstraction.

dir. J Taylor-Jones, 89 min.

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Fri. 5/20 - 8:15pm

United Kingdom (England)

Playing With:


(dir. Caleb Aaron, 1 min.)

Director J Taylor-Jones expected to appear virtually.


Out of Bed (2022)

A man struggles with OCD and depression.

dir. Caleb Aaron, 1 min.


United States (KY)

Fri. 5/20 - 8:15pm

Playing With:



Young Phoenix (2022)

Three young adults share their struggle with anxiety, depression, and alcoholism while battling to promote mental well-being among their peers. Poignant metaphoric visuals and poetic narrative uniquely portray the symptoms and emotions of these mental health conditions with an aim of destigmatization. From their darkest moments to their search for help, the film illustrates that there is light at the end of the tunnel and support is closer than you think.

dirs. Jenny H. Ledikwe & Isaac Marumo, 6 min.



Sat. 5/21 - Shorts